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35 Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas- 2020

You have probably beautifully decorated every room in your house, but have you forgotten the kitchen? This post contains 36 ideas for kitchen wall decorations that make the room more than just a place to prepare a meal. Whether your style is vintage, shabby chic, bright and colorful, or modern, these ideas add personality to your kitchen!

Should you get Joe this morning? Check out our space-saving solutions for a coffee bar. Honor your loved ones by designing one of our famous recipes with our recipe card projects. Customize your mood with a unique wall sign, such as: B. our art ideas “food”, “oven” and “kitchen”. This list also contains twice as many space-saving ideas for kitchen wall decorations.

If your kitchen is small but strong, take a look at the hanging herb garden and produce basket projects! Terrible “What is there for dinner?” Question from your family? Try one of the fun and functional DIY wall menus. Store your favorite wine bottles in style in one of our easy-to-create wine rack projects.

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