40+ Easy And Fun Best Summer Nails Designs Ideas 2019

The basic manicures in nude or red tones are ideal for spring, autumn and winter. But summer is the time to relax and create a sunnier look – and have a thousand times more fun. We’ve put together 41 of the cutest and cleverest nail art ideas for the summer of 2019 for the minimalist, the maximalist and all the others.

Summer has officially arrived, which means that the number of Insta photos will soar with your hands. Seeing photos of your naked nails wrapped in iced coffee, Frose cones and ice cream is not exactly a crime against humanity, but a crime against passion – at least in our beauty book.

And although monochrome paintings are perfectly acceptable (check out our selection of the most beautiful colors you can try now), the photo sessions are nail art creations that perform these double tricks for you. To prepare your hands for their close-up, we’ve put together the coolest, most captivating nails that are well worth the Melfie (manicure selfie? No? Sorry?) – no candy is needed.

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