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31 Best Ideas and Designs for Rose Tattoos 2019

Not only are beautiful roses, roses have been a popular choice for tattooing since the 1930s for both women and men. What exactly does the rose represent? Your first thought might be in terms of its sheer attractiveness or depiction of love, outer and inner beauty, and though you were there, it would be much more for this beautiful and lovely flower.

As a symbol of love, it can be a portrayal of being in love, especially if the rose has no thorns, or even something that reminds you that love will never come without sacrifices as long as the thorns exist. Therefore, thorns even have clues, some say that if you find thorns in the tattoo, that means that the person does not put much emphasis on outer beauty and attractiveness, while for others the tattoo represents an endless beauty with the indicator back. You can look, but you can not touch it.

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