13 Great Easy Desserts You Can Make At Home – 2020

Eggless Cream Caramel

Eggless Cream Caramel Ingredients
Ingredients for Caramel
½ cup granulated sugar
Ingredients for Custard
1 liter milk
1 cup of water
2.5 tablespoons of wheat starch
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup of granulated sugar
1 packet of vanilla

Caramelize half a glass of sugar in a small frying pan over low heat.

Take all the ingredients for the custard in a saucepan and mix it into a custard consistency.

Divide the sugar you caramelized into molds. After the caramel freezes, pour the custard you prepared on the caramel and cool in the refrigerator.

After the dessert is well frozen, turn it over and serve it by removing it from the mold.

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