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27 Great Tips for Designing Living Rooms with Brown Sofa

You saw it, you loved it, you just had to buy it. But what exactly do you use with this beautiful brown sofa to make your living room decor work for you? Your sofa will almost certainly be the largest piece of furniture in the room (unless you have a huge bookshelf). So there is no way to sneak it into an existing room design by just keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best. , No. Your beautiful brown sofa should be warmly welcomed with a complementary color scheme. We are here to show you how to do it with some views around the brown sofa.

There is currently a big trend in copper accents, from copper desk lamps in the home office to containers in the kitchen. This picture shows how wonderful copper ball pendants look like this together with a brown leather sofa. Both the tone and the gloss work together harmoniously. In addition, a cold gray background is a more modern alternative to the traditional and obvious cream-colored wall treatment that we have killed on brown couches in the past.

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