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Detailed Great Ideas To Design A Rustic Living Room- 2020

Think rustic and imagine a wooden ski hut or a historic half-timbered house. The rustic design doesn’t need to contain chunky, dark wood, thick lines, or even a blazing fire. With worn wood, hand-sewn fabrics and a comfortable frame, rustic designs create a feeling of warmth and love that is reminiscent of the expression “home where the heart is”. With our detailed guide on how to design and find your own rustic living room, reuse old furniture, roam the antiques on your local market and avoid overly polished looks.

Create your own rustic staple. Celebrate a high ceiling by adding artificial stone wallpaper and dark wood floors. Throw it into industrial pendant lights, a fan for winding tubes, and a bold steel refrigerator. Have a surprise element ready with Victorian chairs and a gramophone. A large wall element like the star of this room, with tile panels in Moroccan style, ensures a versatile interior.

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