Top 41 Coffin Nails Ideas for 2019 Summer (you need to look)

So it’s no wonder that young mothers and cool girls, from Kylie Jenner to Rihanna, choose coffin nails – they are the spearhead of the fashionable manicure world. The shape of the nail (also called ballerina because it looks like a peak shoe) usually has a long length that extends to a tapered, blunt end. Unlike sis-like, pointed-stiletto-shaped sis, sarong nails can be persistent, while they are suitable for delicate tasks such as touching a baby or inserting contact lenses.
“A coffin shape allows for a sexy level without compromising functionality,” says Kristin Gyimah, nail artist and founder of Dime Nails in Los Angeles. “They have a thicker base that comes off the nail, so they’re less likely to break and they’re at right angles, which allows more function.”

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